Shane and Gillian (Kian's cousin)
Shane, who has dated Gillian for two years, said when he proposed in Dubai last year: "We had dinner at the Royal Meridian hotel where we were staying, then went for a walk on the beach. We were lying on some deckchairs and Gillian was saying how amazing the stars looked, so I pulled out the ring and said, 'What do you think of this star?' She grabbed it off me, then I went down on one knee and said, 'Will you marry me?' Gillian screamed, said yes and started crying, hugging and kissing me." They just tied the knot on the 28th December,2003 and had their honeymoon in Hawaii!

Nicky&Georgina Nicky&Georgina
Nicky and Georgina
Nicky and Irish PM's daughter Georgina tied the knot finally on 5/8/2003, after their 9 years long relationship. They then had a lavish wedding ceremony in France on August 9. The couple have chosen a fairytale castle in France, Chateau D'Esclimont, as the venue for their nuptials. For more information about the couple, click here.

Kian&Jodi Kian&Jodi
Kian and Jodi
Kian and Jodi knew each other a long time ago, and had been spoted talking to each other at Soccer Six 2003. After the spilt of Jodi's former girl band Girl Thing in 2001, she popped into acting at Hollyoaks. Jodi is younger than Kian by 3 years. And for the first time, they showed up as a couple at Nicky's wedding. Kian recently conceded that he was in a very tight relationship, and they have just celebrated their 1st anniversary!