The Wedding Picture

The man - Nicky from Westlife
Name: Nicky Byrne
D.O.B: 9/10/1978
P.O.B: Dublin

The woman - Irish PM Bertie Ahern's daughter Georgina
Name: Georgina Ahern
D.O.B: 4/5/1979
P.O.B: Dublin

Nicky & Georgina first met in their intermediate school. After the first day of school, Georgina was asked by her friend about the boys at the school. She said, "There's only one handsome boy at school, but I don't think he had even noticed me." On the other hand, Nicky told his mum, "I've found the girl that I'm going to marry."
That's how the story began.
It took them 3 years to start a conversation with each other. And, Nicky at last built up his courage to ask Georgina out. He asked help from a friend who went to school by the same bus as Georgina. To his disappointment, Georgina said, "No!" After that, it took another year for Nicky to ask her out once more. And this time the answer was yes.
Nicky started dating with Georgina. They have been through thick and thin, even when Nicky came back from Leeds with a broken heart because his football career was over. Georgina's always there for him and back him up. It's her that encouraged Nicky to go to the audition of Westlife.

On 2002 Christmas Eve, Nicky phoned Georgina's dad Bertie and mum Miriam for the same issue - getting their permission to marry their daughter. And, on Christmas day, Nicky asked Georgina out for a walk on a beach. Then, dramatically, Nicky got down on one knee and proposed to Georgina. He also took out the engagement ring that he bought 3 months before. To Georgina's surprise, Nicky bought her a dog(Keano) that she's always scared of. Of course Georgina accepted the proposal.

They planned a summer wedding in 2003. Unluckily they found it's impossible to get a church in Ireland within a year. Georgina didn't want her wedding to be further delayed, so she looked else where in France because she's always in love with this place after she went there for the World Cup in 1998.
"We went on the Internet and whittled it down to about 15 chateaux." Nicky recalls. "But after Georgina had seen Chateau D'Esclimont with her mum, that was it. She didn't want to see anywhere else. It's just an amazing place."
On 5/8, the couple quickly married in Ireland for legal reasons ahead of their ceremony at Wicklow registry office. Then they flew to France to prepare their wedding.
On Saturday, 9/8. Their wedding day finally came. They invited 410 guests, and there're no extra politicians, except for the bride's dad. They're almost all family and friends. Nicky also invited Ronan Keating to sing at the reception and Girl Alouds's Nadine to sing at the church. There're 5 bridesmaids totally – Georgina & Nicky's sister Cecilia and Gillian, Georgina's close friends Gemma, Karen & Barbara. And the little flower girl – her little cousin Caoime Kelly. For the groomsmen, they're Nicky's friends since his age of 4 - Colm, Sean and Paul. And he also had Mark, his sister Gillian's fiancé.
After they said "I do" and exchanged rings in front of the priest, Nicky and Georgina had their wedding party with the guests. The couple were really enjoyed.
"We loved every minute of it. We've been planning our wedding day since we were kids – to have it as special as it was. We kept looking into each other's eyes just amazed it was happening at last." Nicky said.

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