If Westlife couldn't use "Westlife" as their band name, what would they use instead? Suggest a name to them!

What would be their name? and maybe reason?

Your Says

Katherine: Fablife. They're fabulous!
Lusia: I fink Nix or Bry wudda cum up wit D-Side seeing as dey is from Dublin!
Amy: "The Best". It explains it all ha-ha :)
Juna: Cuttylads
Heidi: WestUniverse
Angel: Wonderful World of Westlife
Sophie: Bestlife coz their the best! NICKY IS FIT!
Caraze: W-One because they are known as Westlife. And because westlife are no. 1 in our hearts, it should be W-One; Westlife One
Christina: The best guess in the world
Nina: irish sexy five (or four)
Mel: sexlife?? lol, coz they so sexy.
Archie: their name should be IRISH STARS coz that's what they really are..!
Ivette: the hot irish lads
Katie: lads 'r' us (dont know why just sounds cool)
Julie: the sexy iresh boys!! reason"because they r really sexy iresh boys
Aarti: IRISH EYES?? =D
Gemma: West-lives! coz WESTLIFE wil live 4evr!!!!!!!!!
NO#1 westlife fan: Irish lads because thay are from ireland and they r the best