Here are the elite westlife sites!

Feb 2005

--> Mr. Egan World: When I first saw this site I was in love with it! The layout is truly amazing. There are so many informal fonts on it but it still looks really professional. The gallery has so many pics, and I guess I saw Jodie Marsh there as "Kian's Girl"....that's controversial!! Anyway, all Kian pics there are all lush. The Multimedia part also brings you lots of entertainment. Aparts from the video, remember to click into the screensaver section as there are tons of downloadable screensavers of Kian waiting for you!

Jan 2005

--> Wild Thing: This is always the best Kian site I've ever seen. I was so infatuated with its layout and I knew I just had to give it an award. Chloe is a great web designer and I admire her talent. Not only the layout, but all the content is attractive. Although the news is a bit outdated, all other sections are constantly updated. There is lots of rare information about Kian. Chloe had also built many sections in "interacive" and "fan mania" for dedicated fans to have fun. You will definitely have a good time there!

Dec 2004

--> Everything you want to know about Mr Nicky Byrne can be easily found here. There is plenty of information which is neatly sorted. I love the fans section where you can have your own say and send in your own materials. This site is truly Nicky's No.1 source and if you haven't checked it out, head off there and have fun!

Nov 2004

--> Westlife Rule: It has a neat interface and you can navigate the site very easily. It is also an updated site with the latest news and interviews. If you want to express yourself, you can use the shoutbox at the front page of the site. Overall it's a quality fansite.

Oct 2004

--> I think all of you have heard of this site already. The site is famous for its downloadable video files. Beside that, it has loads of pics from video captures to magazine posters. The webmistress Maria has done her best to keep the site up-to-date. I'm actually a fan of this site. I haven't sent Maria an award before cos I thought she already had many of them, but now it's time.

Sep 2004

--> Shaneadelic: It is one of the best Shane sites on the web. The site has enough stuff to entertain you. And I very appreciate the effort the webmistress has put in, as you can see that every page is well-organised, and each big section has its layout which, don't worry, loads fast.

Aug 2004

--> That Voice Of His: I've never seen a site which is more original than it. Ostensibly, it's just another Mark site. But when you look into its content, you'll find more than what you need, and you'll enjoy it. If you like to read(blog, story or whatever), you'll be likely to stay there for a long, long time!

Jul 2004

--> World Of Our Own: This site always has the latest news of Westlife on the web and I really appreciate the effort the webmaster has made. It contains loads of content to suit different people's needs. There are e-cards, winamp skins, fonts, etc. for you to download. I was so surprised when I saw the "Westlife" dingbats on the site!