Westham, London
The games are underway here at Westham, London 12:40

The rain's coming down but it doesn't seem to be bothering the stars. The only thing on their minds today is who is going to lift the soccer six trophy. We've already seen three matches and some serious goal-scoring from favourites, Rod Stewart, Westlife and Toon Six.

Defending champions Westlife got off to a flying start against London Radio station Kiss FM (Six Kiss). The Kiss boys seemed to give up the ghost as Westlife hammered the goals in. They may have just got off the plane from Dublin this morning, but their performance was anything but jet-lagged. Westlife's Brian proved he means business here, scoring no less than four goals, while Nicky and Mark managed one apiece, bringing the final score to a thundering 6-0 defeat for Kiss.

Upton Park, London
Stars are ready for kickoff, 15h56

No major upsets yet as the favoured teams make it through to the quarter-finals. Defending champions Westlife are on excellent form. After flattening Six Kiss in the opening round, Brian, Nicky, Kian and the guys went on to beat Big Brovaz 1-0 and Triple 8 5-2. Brian is still looking good up front, scoring no less than nine goals in the tournament so far.

Upton ParkLondon
The Finals, 18h00

So Solid And Mis-teeq make it a dream final for London

It was a fantastic day for everyone - but none were happier than couple of the match, So Solid Crew's Harvey and Mis-teeq's Alesha, who both lead their teams to win the men's and women's trophies respectively.

After two years, the men's soccer six trophy is in the hands of Londoners again. In a fraught final full of suprises, So Solid Crew triumphed over Westlife to win 5-1 at Upton Park.

The tension had been building all day. Nicky from Westlife had promised that a meeting with So Solid "would be interesting, to say the least", while So Solid's Harvey simply said, tight-lipped, "We're gonna win this, no contest".

Throughout the afternoon, the Irish boys looked on solid form, barely conceeding a goal. Their toughest match came in the semi-finals, against Rod Stewart's side, when they played a hard game to win just 1-0 - the closest they'd come to defeat all day.

So Solid were taking it easy. They looked almost too laid back in their matches, with a close quarter final against Fat Les (5-2) and semi-final with David Sneddon's Toon Six (3-1). Furthermore, they'd started the day by arriving late, in contrast to Westlife, who came to Upton Park early after getting up at the crack of dawn to catch the plane from Dublin.

Westlife's early start, and burnt out energies, were apparent by the time they reached the final. In the opening minutes, Harvey kicked a volley which slipped past the hands of Westlife's goalkeeper. A few minutes later, Nicky from Westlife plumped the ball into the back of the net, levelling the score. For a while it looked like Westlife would rally, but then Harvey, Ant Scott-Lee and Morocco scored three for So Solid in succession.

With Westlife fading, it took one more strike from Harvey to seal their fate. 5-1 down, it was all over for the Irish boys. They will have to return next year if they wish to take the soccer six trophy back to Ireland.

Bryan Kian Nicky