Guess the westlifers by the words...

1.A boy that seems never get tired, keeps on playing until dawn. But on another day, he will have two black circles around his eyes, wake him up is extremely difficult. He may ask,"Why 5:30 in the morning? Why not 7:30?" Sometimes he is so funny that you can't imagine.

2.He sings with a very clear pronunciation. Get it?

3.He always wear a smile on his face. He is optimistic, hopeful and happy. What is his favourite sport? Football.

4.He has two faces. You may think, he is quiet and foolish. However, when you ask his friends, they will say, he is a talkative person, and has a good sense of humour.

Have you got all the answers?

Ans 1?

Ans 2?

Ans 3?

Ans 4?

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