Swept Away Reviews:

Reviewed: Katherine
Site Title: Westlife Evergreen
URL: http://www.star-mist.net/~westlife
Type: fan site
Reviewers: Elysia and Jinnie
Reviewed on: 10/9/2002

splash 4/5: The splash image is gorgeous and everything is very neat and organized. However, I would prefer if your splash image color is the same as the page background. Your darkcounter looks a bit fuzzy too.

first impression 9/10: The splash was very inviting and when I first saw your layout, I was very happy with it. It definitely makes me want to check out the site.

organization 10/10: You probably have one of the neatest sites I've ever seen. Everything is easy to find and tidy.

navigation 9/10: It would be easier on the eyes if you could make the navigation color a bit darker. White against gray is hard to see.

layout 8/10: I loved the picture you used and the border around the iframe but it would be cool if you have a iframe background image.

graphics 9/10: Your graphics are nice, subtle, and reasonable.

content 18/20: You have everything a typical Westlife fansite would have and that's cool but it would be better if you could come up with something original.

creativity/interest 9/10: There was enough stuff on this site to keep me interested and your layout sure is pretty so gotta give you credit for that.

mood 5/5: This site was welcoming and definitely had a cool vibe around it.

guestbook/link 5/5: Thanks for signing the g-book and the link!!!

overall impression 10/10: I was impressed with the site and overall, I had a great time. Keep up the good work!

Score: 91/100


splash 4/5: very clean and neat. You may wanna space out the banners a teensy bit more (use P tags instead of BR), because they're really colorful, and having them so close to your grey interrupts the flow.

first impression 9/10: Very professional and eye-pleasing, with just enough image effects thrown in, but as add-ons, not hiding-behind tools.

organization 6/10: reason below.

navigation 2/5: I couldn't find the menu at first, I had to look for it. Maybe drop shadow or a stroke around the words would help it stand out but not interrupt.

layout 8/10: I favor polished, concised layouts that don't hide behind brushes and loads of tricks, and yours accomplishes that easily. It would be 10, 'cept for your menu bar.

graphics 8/10: They look wonderful, especially your main. I like how you are very clear and not too 'busy'. However, your 'updates' and other bars were slightly off... like they were scrunched. And then there's your invisible menu bar.

content 17/20: Mainly the basics, but you had some cute content in Interact.

creativity/interest 8/10: like I said, pretty basic "fan page" content, but I really like the majority of your layout.

mood 5/5: Very relaxing, mellow layout. Even if the snow theme is a tad too early. ;-)

guestbook/link 5/5: Thanks for signing and linking us!

overall impression 8/10: Make those tiny corrections, and you will truly be a model.

Score = 80/100