Find out the ins and outs of Mark Feehily's life!

Full Name: Marcus Michael Patrick Feehily
Date of Birth: 28/5/80
Star Sign: Gemini
Place of Birth: Sligo, Ireland
Height: 1.78m
Any Scars or Marks: No
Colour of Eyes: Blue
Colour of Hair: Light brown
Previous Jobs: Pizza delivery, photo lab assistant
Previous Bands: I.O.U.
Hero: Mum & Dad and Michael Jackson
Favourite Sport: Soccer/Tennis
Favourite Film: Armageddon
Favourite Actor: Eddie Murphy
Favourite Actress: Phoebe from 'Friends'
Favourite Place to Be: Sligo, Ireland
Ideal Woman: Thoughtful, funny
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Book: 'The Witches' - Roald Dahl
Likes: Chillin' with my mates, singing and partying
Dislikes: narrow-minded people and smoking
Hobbies: Chillin' out with my pals
Fave Food: Chicken
Worst Food: Fish
Most Like to Meet: Michael Jackson
Singing Since: since I can remember
Describe Yourself In 3 Words: Shy, reserved but also friendly
Most Embarrassing Moment: Forgetting the words to my song at a talent contest in front of 1000 people aged 14
Pets: Dog (Snoopy)
Girlfriend: No - but I'll accept offers!
Instrument: Piano, Guitar and Tin-whistle
Bad Habit: Singing all the time
Favourite Clothes: Trainers and track suit
Favourite Designer: Timberland
Favourite Song: Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson and Without You - Mariah Carey
First Record You Bought: Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
First Concert: Christy Moore
Last Record Bought: Lucy Pearl
Any Brothers/Sisters: 2 brothers/1 sister
What Animal Would You Be: Mariah Carey's cat
Who Would You Have A One 2 One with? Michael Jackson
Most Impressive Person You've Ever Met: Mariah Carey
Rule of Life: "Money isn't anything, but happiness is."