CD:UK - Westlife Webchat

CD:UK : Hello!! We're live with Westlife and we'll be filling the next 20 minutes with a heady mixture of chat, animal impressions and online dating. Hang on... No, apparently, it's just web-chatting after all. Shame! Now, if you haven't already submitted a question, please feel free to do so by filling in the boxes above. Let the chat begin!!

Carol : when was the last time you walked down the street and no one asked for your autograph?
Kian : two days ago! it felt okay!!

Marella : Did you ever want to do something but never had the opportunity to do it because of your busy schedule? If so, what was it?
Nicky : I'd like to see Man United abroad but I never get the time

Kim : Who is the first person you phone when you fancy a night out?
Shane : usually mark

Caroline : If you had the option of being marooned with Blue or the Sugababes, who would you choose?
Westlife : probably sugababes cos they're female. we'd have to be naked on a desert island, wouldn't we?
Westlife : someone has to keep the human race going!!

Mor : If in 50 years time a band decide to do a Westlife covers album, what would you like them to call it?
Westlife : allow us to go west [start singing]

Jennifer : What do you think of "Guitar bands" like Busted and McFly? Do you think normal pop will be over-run?
Anon : why are you all such kn...?
Westlife : we think we know what that word was meant to be - and the answer is: because we love annoying kn..s like you!

Miek : What's is the one thing that you couldn't resist someone offering you?
Nicky : a drink! vodka and beer - but not together

Mitello: What would be your worst nightmare?
Nicky : being in a dodgy plane and crashing.
Westlife : actually, just dying in general - or anything happening to our family or friends in general

Kerri and Louise : Can we expect any westlife babies soon? Shane : you never know...
Westlife : only time will tell...

Emily : mark d'ya fancy a date?
Mark : Emily, yes.

Roslynn : do you ever look at the westlife stuff on line i.e all the fan clubs etc?
Kian : all the time.
Mark : we check out the message boards but never post anything unless it's an official chat - so if anyone says they're us they're not!!
Nicky : I'm looking for a collection of the Westlife dolls - I never got any!! So if you have them could you send them to me please...

Kerrie : Nicky is it true about you moving Hotels in America because of your phobia of lifts?
Nicky : i was going to but i didn't go it in the end - i just grinned and beared it...

Jo : Have you ever used ebay?
Mark : never bought anything
Kian : i do but I've never bought anything.
Nicky : he bought a surfboard in america and kept us waiting for an hour
Kian : i'm not a bad surfer - not great but i'm getting there

Noodle : when is your next holiday and where will u go?
Westlife : christmas - we're going home! and we're going to Australia for new year for a big party... you're all invited. We'll see you in Aukland in New Zealand after Sydney for a big beach party - free booze for everyone!!

Claire : Who is your favourite designer?
Shane : probably dolce and gabbana

Karen : What soap would you appear in if asked?
Nicky : does friends count? i'd be in dove - that's a kind of soap, isn't it?

Cat : what do you think of all the new music being released and is there anyone you really like?
All of westlife :maroon 5 - very cool music. and u2's new song is very good. Nicky likes that Hoobastank song. Kian likes scissor Ssiters and Keane.
Westlife : roy keane!

Josien : Imagine somehow you all swapped bodies with each other, and you had to go on stage in 5 minutes. How would you solve this problem?
Westlife : what a silly question! I'd shave my head (Mark)

Noodle : who is the worst dancer?
Westlife : none of us and all of us...
Nicky : brian!!

Hannah : What do you think of Wayne Rooney Joining Man United, Do you think he'll do well?
Shane : yes - he's a great player. excellent choice.

Megan : do u ever get tired of singing
Westlife : yeah, sometimes in the studio. sometimes we feel like our heads are going to explode!

CJ : Who takes longest to get out of bed in the morning?
All of westlife : mark - without a doubt! he doesn't get up in the morning - he gets up in the afternoon!!

Kiki : What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to u on stage?
Nicky : mark sang the words wrong to flying without wings in cyprus.
Mark : i sang the world of our own lyrics instead. it actually fitted pretty well - a top remix!
Nicky : the band saved us by changing songs

Y&D : did you see the woman in the paper with all the tattoos of you on her back?
Westlife : Yes! she's got great tats (mark)!! It was very ammusing but strange.
Shane : she's safe with four of us - cos if another one opf us leaves that's it!! but if she'd done it before she'd have been in real trouble, wouldn't she?

Vicki : if you were invisible for the day what would you do?
Nicky : female showers and aerobics class
Mark : i'd freak people out by moving things about - make them think there was a poltergeist.

Sharlee : Have you ever done a show with a hangover ?
Westlife : we've never done one without a hangover!!

Karen : Do you like the 'CALL ON ME' video boys?
Mark : yes
Westlife : it's one of the best videos ever!!
Mark : here's a bit of 't&a' in our new video actually...

Cd:uk : last question people...

Anna : Who do you want to win X factor, out of Louis and Simon?
Nicky : Louis - he's our manager. Actually we want Sharon to win - then it's an easier life for us!!We've gotta go now people.

We'll see you all on tour next Feb, March and April. Hope you like the new album. Tickets on sale for the tour now! Bye!!

Cd:uk : thank you all for your brilliant questions!! we'll see you back for another chat soon. xx