Sneak - Nicky's Weird Wedding Week!
Where's his top hat and why's he larking abut with the lads?

Nicky Byrne married fiancee Georgina Ahern last week scruffily dressed in a cap, T-shirt and jeans - and was 20 minutes late to the registry office!

The couple had to quickly marry in Ireland for legal reasons ahead of their ceremony at Wicklow registry office with a star-studded bash at a posh French chateau last Saturday, where Nicky did make an effort to dress up. But for his actual marriage, he obviously felt a Formula 1 baseball cap was more fitting than a top hat!

And instead of spending the previous day helping Nicky get groomed for his big moment, the Westlife boys spent the afternoon messing about on the golf course on dodgy outfits!

"Playing golf is the only time I switch off my phone and relax," Kian told Sneak. But, really promies, fellas. You should have been helping Nicky into a nice, smart suit!


Now - Love and Marriage Westlife Style

He's one of pop's most eligible bachelors and Westlife star Kian Egan is the first to admit that he's made some big mistakes with his love life in the past.

As one of the only two single men left in the chart-topping group - Mark Feehily is the other - Kian has enjoyed a number of high-profile relationships, but he doesn't mince his words when he declares that his fling with Atomic Kitten singer Liz McClarnon was one of his biggest mistakes.
"It was so bizarre and I'd never go back there," he says, shaking his head. "Liz is one strange cookie."

Kian, 23, started dating Liverpool-born Liz earlier this year, but just weeks later, they split blaming 'hectic work schedules'. However, he was angered by subsequent reports that he'd become obsessed with her.

Speaking exclusively to Now, Kian sets the record straight. "From the day we broke up, I haven't called her number once but, believe me, she's called mine," he snaps, adding that she phoned him several times and he didn't return any of her calls. "When we ended, it was splashed over the papers that I'd been pestering her and calling her when I was drunk, begging her to take me back - but it was quite the opposite. I certainly wasn't obsessed with her."
"It was the other way round," pipes up bandmate Nicky Byrne.

Plenty of women have become obsessed with the Westlife lads since they catapulted to stardom four years ago. Now they're Britain's biggest boy band with 11 No 1s under their belt, but their love lives haven't always run as smoothly as their careers - especially Kian's. Since he split from his long-term girlfriend, Swedish dancer Jessica Forsman last year, Kian has been linked with a number of famous women, including Amanda Holden, Jordan and, more recently, Jodie Marsh.

According to former pole dancer Jodie, she and Kian reportedly shared 'steamy nights of passion'. The Essex Wives star bragged that Kian was the best lover she'd ever had and that they'd enjoyed a number of intimate dates after they met in London celebrity haunt Click.

But Kian tells a different story: "I despise my name being mentioned in the same sentence as hers. Jodie Marsh made out that we were having a relationship and that was certainly not the case. I was with her in a nightclub once and that was it - we never even went on a date. We had a few drinks and ended up having a snog. She's just a fame seeking so-and-so."

Now Kian has put his wild past and womanising ways behind him and favours quiet nights out with the boys or a romantic meal with his new girlfriend, Hollyoaks actress Jodi Albert, 20. Kian met Jodi, who plays sexy Debbie Dean in the Channel 4 soap, five years ago when Westlife had just started and she was a singer in short-lived group Girl Thing. However, their relationship didn't develop into anything more serious until three months ago.

"Jodi's a fantastic girl and I'm very happy to be with her. We've known each other for ages and I obviously fancied her from the beginning, but we just never got it on before," he says with a cheeky grin. "It's a very, very good relationship and I'm not going to jump the gun and say she's the one, but I'm enjoying myself."

Which leaves remaining Westlife bachelor Mark, 23, still to find his soul mate as all the other boys are settled down. "Sometimes I wish I did have a wife or a girlfriend to go home to," says Mark. "But one day I'll find my perfect girl. I'll be dragging that girl up the aisle if they agree to marry me. Angelina Jolie is my ultimate fantasy woman - she's got it all. She's very sexy, elegant, beautiful and has everything I'd want in a woman."

Shane Filan, 24, has already found that perfect woman in the shape of his childhood sweetheart Gillian Walsh and they're busy planning their wedding. "We're getting married in Ashford Castle in Ireland on 28 December," he says. "I've always wanted a Christmas wedding. We're both really looking forward to it."

Meanwhile, Nicky, 24, has just returned from his honeymoon in the Seychelles after marrying Georgina Ahern, daughter of Irish Prime Minister Bertie. He describes his lavish wedding at the exclusive Chateau d'Esclimont, just outside Paris, as a 'typical Irish do'. Nicky admits that everything went without a hitch - even his stag do.

While his bandmate Bryan McFadden, 23, had a notorious stag night which ended up in the Sunday papers, Nicky says his was tame in comparison.

"I flew out to Marbella with six of my mates because the lads were recording the album at the time. They told me to turn up at Dublin airport with my passport and not to ask any questions. When I got there they all had on T-shirts showing a photo of me aged six," he laughs. "And there were definitely no lapdancers or strippers. There were no naked women involved thank God, just loads of drink and good clean fun."


Sneak - Bop Bop Brace-y!
Westlife's Nicky gets a mouthful of metal!

Nicky Byrne from Westlife has been trying to correct his teeth with a brace since the beginning of the summer, Sneak can reveal!

At first, he tried to keep his secret covered up by smiling with his mouth shut, but lately he hasn't been afraid to show off his brace. He even wore it to his wedding and, later, on his honeymoon to the Seychelles with new bride Georgina.

"Yep, I've got a brace," Nicky told Sneak. "It's something I've needed to do for ages and I've finally got around to it. I'm really pleased with it."

The Westlife boy went on to add that luckily his brace was not a problem for Georgina either. "I have to say, it didn't affect my honeymoon at all - in fact I think it actually improves kissing!"

Sneak says good for you, Nicky, for not being so embarrassed to wear your brace in your wedding photos. We reckon you still look totally gorgeous!


South China Morning Post - Westlife prove themselves worth the weight
Harbour Fest Review- Westlife, Energy, eVonne Hsu
Kevin Kwong

If British R&B sensation Craig David could only fill 30 or 40 per cent of the Tamar site last Saturday, what chance of a full house for Westlife - a boy band fast approaching their sell-by date?

In an Ideal world, the organiser should probably have invited British boy band Blue instead. Thankfully, other than the Irish pop quintet, last night's lineup also included Energy and eVonne Hsu, both from Taiwan, who helped fill up some 70 to 80 per cent of the seats.

Despite having only an hour to perform, the Taiwanese artists held their own. Opening the show is four-member boy band Energy, a post-F4 pop phenomenon. Though they sounded just like, err, F4, these boy could really dance.

And their on-stage charisma whipped up an off-stage frenzy with teenage fans screaming and, in true Hong Kong concert fashion, waving homemade banners and multi-coloured flashlights. The girls sitting near me were told to put down their cardboard banner by a security guard because it was "blocking people's view". What people? The four rows behind her were all empty.

Then award-winning newcomer eVonne Hsu joined Energy to perform the funky number You Better Not Come Home before launching into a string of ballads, showing off her fantastic vocal range.

By 9pm, it was time for the Irish lads - Bryan, Shane, Mark, Nicky and Kian - to step into the spotlight and, boy, have they put on some pounds. Perhaps they should re-name themselves Goodlife. They kicked off their set with hits such as If I Let You Go, Tonight and Flying Without Wings.

They were extremely well-received, especially by their pre-adolescents fans. The tweenagers' parents, too, soon got into a party mood, courtesy of Westlife's penchant for covers. There was Mr Big's To Be With You, Billy Joe's Uptown Girl, Prince's Kiss and their soon-to-be-released single Mandy, originally by Barry Manilow.

I still wish AmCham had invited Blue but at least Westlife proved they could still entertain.