It's Hot - Things That Go Bump In The Night
Snuggle up under your duvet with Westlife's barmy bed-time tales

When I was younger I had a recurring nightmare that a big piece of blue Plasticine was running after me. I was so scared, I used to run into my mum's room to sleep there.
I have a habit of really jumping in my sleep. I don't know why I do it, but it always wakes me up.
When we're staying away from home and I'm about to go to bed, I make sure I check my hotel room's wardrobe and bathroom for crazed fans.
I have to get up to go to the toilet about five times a night. I don't even drink a lot before I go to bed - if I did, I'd have to get up even more.
I remember being half asleep in a hotel room in Lodon when I felt something in my ear. I got up and turned the light on only to find that it was a spider - I couldn't sleep after that.
When I was playing footie for Leeds, I shared a house with five lads. We shared bedrooms and one night, we made so much noise the landlord came and locked us in. He only let us out when one of lads shouted,'You can't lock us in, what if there's a fire?'

Once I watched a scary movie just befor I went to bed and from then on, I was too scared to sleep without having all lights on in the house.
I used to be able to sleep on the back shelf of our car when I was four. It was a really small place, you could hardly fit a bag there. I was a tiny four-year-old!
I either sleep on my back or my side, but I find that I always wake up in a different position if I sleep on my side.
I'm not one of these people who likes reading books when they go to bed. I never go anywhere near my bed until I'm just about to fall asleep.
We used to have a mustard coloured kitten called Custard Cream, who slept on my bed. I used to be scared I'd squash him in the night, but he'd always be asleep on the floor when I awoke the next day.
A poster once fell off the wall on top of me when I was asleep. It scared me to death - I jumped 10 feet out of bed!
I drink a lot of diluted orange juice before I go to sleep, which makes me wake up at 5am on the dot, bursting for the toilet.
I used to sleep with teddies in my bed, but now they really annoy me. They wake me up when I roll on them and I end up with an elbow in my back.

Kerry says I snore, but she's never woken me up to tell me to stop, so I don't think it can be that bad. She probably quite likes it, 'cause she knows I'm home, safe and sound.
I remember sleepwalking on Westlife's first tour. I found myself on the fire escape of the hotel, and didn't have a clue ehat I was ding until I woke up. Another time, Nicky found me sleepwalking in a hotel lobby with just my boxer shorts on - I was so embarrassed.
I either wear boxer shorts to bed or go nuddy - it depends where I am.
Molly, Lilly Sue (Bryan and Kerry's new baby!), Kerry and me are all sharing the same bed at the moment. Lilly Sue woke me up last night, but Molly's the worst. She's a right lil' wiggler - she lies upside down, sideways, any way.
I find that sleeping on my side with one hand under the pillow is really comfy.
Kerry changes the duvet and mattress in our house. I'm not sure how often she does it - I'm not usually around to help her out.
We used to get up to all kinds of mischief when Westlife first started out. During one flight, Nicky drew on Mark's face while he was asleep. Neither knew the other had done it and they walked around all day with scrubbles on their faces. The rest ofus couldn't stop laughing.

I always dream that someone's chasing me. I see myself running away from them, but they always get closer and closer... and then I wake up. Luckily, I wake up before I get caught.
I couldn't get to sleep after watching The Sixth Sense. It wasn't that I was scared, but I just came over all cold and couldn't warm up.
I used to have to wear a mouth shield when I went to bed, to stop me grinding my teeth together in my sleep.
My friends and I once covered a mate's face with shaving foam when he was asleep, and put toothpaste and Swiss roll crumbs in his hair. It was all gooey and really hard to get out. And another time, I shaved off someone's eyebrows.
I used to share a bunk bed with my elder brother Tom. I'd annoy him by chucking stuff at him, and he'd get me back by bouncing my mattress with his feet. I loved him doing that though, so it wound him up even more.
I'll sleep anywhere. If you came into the room and we'd just arrived at a photo-shoot after a long flight, you'd probably see all five of us fast sleep on the floor.
I've just got myself a fantastic new mattress for my bed - it's a massive, super king-size. Turning it over to air it is as good as having a work out down the gym.
I've become obsessive about my teeth. I can't stand them feeling dirty and hate anything getting stuck between them. I always make sure I clean them before I go to bed.
When I was little, I counted sheep to help me sleep. I can't remember if ithelped though - I guess I must've fallen asleep.

Until I joined Westlife, I used to be scared of staying in my house alone. Then I had to sleep in strange hotel rooms on my own all the time, so now I'm used to it.
The other night, I dreamed Shane's wedding was at a really bad hotel and all the food was a week old. I'm an usher at his wedding, so maybe it's nerves!
If I sleep on my back, I have nightmares and dreams, so I try to sleep on my front or side.
I always let my black Labrador, Snoop, sleep on my bed when I'm at home. He takes up the whole bed , but I love him being there. My brother lets him sleep on my bed when I'm not there, but the family try and cover it up by spraying deordorant all over my duvet before I get home.
I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was younger - I once made my mum and dad a cup of tea at 5am. It hasn't happened for years, but the lads tell me I talk in my sleep.
I had a nightmare that Madonna was watching us on stage at Top Of The Pops and my voice cracked and I couldn't sing. I'd be so embarassed if that really happened.
We're always nicking pillows from our hotel rooms so we can sleep in comfort on our next journey.
Nicky, Bryan and me always play practical jokes on each other when we're asleep on aeroplanes.

Sneak - 'Life Laughs

1. Why's Kian breaking open the bubbly?
Star returns to his Saturday job!
Kian, with a little help from a couple of passing elephants, brought his home town of Sligo to a standhill last week when he turned up for the re-opening of EJ Menswear, the clothes shop where he and Shane both used to work!
Around 300 fans showed up at the opening of the store's new premises - and many had travelled hundreds of miles to see their idol. Kian, accompanied by just one minder, spent two hours signing autographs and posing for photos.
Things got even wilder when two elephants from a nearby circus turned up to join in the fun! Adventurous Kian was keen to climb on top of one of them, but police moved the beasts on before he had a chance.
One local said, "When it comes to supporting Sligo, nothing's too much trouble for Kian and Shane." Eamonn Cunningham, owner of the store - and Kian's old boss - agreed. "I just rang Kian up a couple of weeks ago, and he said he'd be in town and would love to come along. He and Shane love Sligo, and people treat them normally - they can go to the pubs and clubs and not get bothered."
EJ's owner, Eamonn, reveals what it was like having a budding pop star in the shop.

  • Kian was a "good worker" even though he spent most of his time "watching MTV down the back of the shop!"

  • When Eamonn tried to drag him away from the pop videos, Kian told him, "Someday I'm gonna be on there."

  • Kian and Shane were in their pre-Westlife band, IOU, when they worked in the shop. EJ even styled the band when they supported the Backstreet Boys in Dublin!

  • When Kian was working, the shop would get filled with girls desperate for a glimpse of their favourite shop assistant!

  • Kian was "always up for a party" and "enjoyed his nights out". But he always made it to work the next day!

  • Kian babysat for his boss' kids, and he taught Eamonn's eldest son Mark to play guitar.

  • Fans from as far as Japan still turn up to take photos of the shop where Kian and Shane once worked!

  • 2. Bryan: "I'd strip if I had Rob's bod!"
    The Westlifer think he's too tubby to get his top off!
    Bryan Mcfadden from Westlife has revealed to Sneak that he would only have done a Robbie Williams-style strip for Comic Relief if he had a fitter body - like the Feel singer!
    "There's no way you'd get me doing that!" Bryan told Sneak. "But I would do it if I had Robbie's body. He's in better shape than I am!"
    When Sneak cornered Bryan at a showbiz bash last week, the star also insisted he didn't think anyone was interested in seeing him or his bandmates naked!
    "We don't really get asked to get our tops off at photoshoots - but I think that's because no one's really interested in seeing us topless," he said. About a million Westlife fans would disagree, Bry!
    Still, if he does decide in future to get his kit off, he's got one band member who can give him a bit of advice: in Kian's younger and more skint days, he helped to get hen nights heaving by working as a strip-o-gram! Ooh!

    3. Liam: not a Westlife fan
    Mark gets mouthful from Oasis oaf
    Mark Feehily was left red-faced and embarrassed after a brush with Liam Gallagher last week.
    When they met at a celeb-packed showbiz bash, Mark had the cheek to tell the big-browed bruiser he was "a big fan"! But Liam told Mark to "f**k off".
    The way Oasis are going, you'd have thought the Gallaghers would be glad of all the fans they can find!