Chasing Westlife
Well, I think I should recall what I saw in last night's concert and the signing on Friday. It was because it's the first time for me to see them, and they really impressd me a lot.

Westlife arrived in Hong Kong at 2:35p.m. on 22/10. And they departured quickly after their preformance at the Harbour Fest on 25/10 night.

Their schedule in Hong Kong:
22/10: Press conference(delayed)
23/10: Press conference, an interview by Metro Radio
24/10: The very first Westlife signing autograph function in HK
25/10: Harbour Fest concert

The Signing
On 18/10, Westlife announced that they'd hold a signing function(or autograph session?) at Oylmpian City 2. It was the first Westlife signing function in HK. And it was also for celebrating the release of Hey Whatever karaoke version. This function was launched together with the Neway Karaoke Company, and the Sino-Land Corperation, and was sponsored by CD Warehouse.
Fans had 3 ways to get the signing "pass":
1. Pre-order Westlife's new album "TurnAround" and get a pass (200q)
2. Collect 100K fun in Neway Karaoke / Being a member in the Neway Fans Club and get 2 passes free (100q)
3. Spend $300 in Olympian City and get 2 passes free (100q)
On the signing function(24/10), it attracted more than 700 fans to go there. But only 400 fans could have the autograph. Others were being the spectators, included me, taking the photos. They performed 4 songs on the show. They're "World Of Our Own", "On My Shoulder", "Mandy", and "Hey Whatever". They sang it very well. I realised that Shane looked fatter on TV, and he was really fit in the real person. And Kian looked much better and less hilarious in real. I could see very clearly their faces, cos I was just 5 metres away!
See the pics of the event here!

The Concert
The concert of Harbour Fest got 2 other performers beside Westlife. They're Energy and Yvonne Hui, both were from Taiwan. Don't be surprised if you don't know who they are, cos I don't know too. Their music was so loud that it's like earthquake. The floor was shaking and vibrating, and my organs were vibrating too. It's bcos of the double bass drum. And their music was not live so it played so loudly by the sound synthesiser. I was nearly dead before Westlife came out. Westlife got all the audience standed up and screaming when they came out. It was the climax of the night! The routine of the concert was like that in the Greatest Hits Tour, but without the part that they sit on a rotating machine. But they added some new songs like "Hey Whatever" and "Mandy". Nicky did a very cute dance when he's performing "I Get Around". Shane shaked his bon-bon when he's performing "Twist And Shout". Kian took off his clothes when he's performing "Great Ball Of Fire". Bryan once jumped into the audience! And he threw his tie to the audience also! There's full of screaming in the venue. When Westlife left, almost all people even stayed in their seats and shouted "Encore!" and "We want Westlife!", together with clapping! It was a very successful night as a whole! And they said they'd come over Hong Kong again in spring next year!!!
See the pics of the concert here!

Written by Katherine 26/10/2003