There always be a hero behind something. Who's the hero behind the Westlife legend?

Who is the hero and why?

Your Says

Katherine: It's gonna be Louis Walsh. If he hadn't dyed Shane's hair blond, Simon Cowell wouldn't have signed Westlife a record deal.
Sanne: Yeah totally agree to Katherine! Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating :D
Lusia: Mae, Shane's mam because she made the effort to contact Louis Walsh in the first place!
Amy: Their lovers, i.e., Georgina, Gillian and Kerry. Without them they wouldn't be where and whom they are now
Girly: hello! Simon Cowell!!
Sarah: Plenty of people! Louis Walsh, their family and friends, management have all helped Westlife!
Jennifer: Bryan is the hero he so seewt with thw girl
Heidi: Their management, families, friends, etc and Simon Cowell for signing them up
Dawn: Each and every fan. Do i really need to specify why
Charaze: Their parents, because if their parents hadn't taught them to be nice lads, they'd probably do rock music which is a big NO.
Angela: Sooo many Westlife legends: Louis 4 managin the lads, Mae 4 pesterin Louis, simon 4 signin them, Gilly, Gina n Kez for bein so lovin n upportive and... Anto, Paul, Dave n Gregg! They've looked after the lads like their own sons! n we all know how hard a job they must have lookin after those 5! *bows down* **missin Anto n Paul** :(
Natasha: mark,his eyes can kill me.
Constanza: mark kian shane and nicky
Mel: mark!!! this is the reason: kian: when we met mark we thought he was an amazing singer, thats the thing about mark and thats how iou started off ( which led to westlife!! hint hint!)
Sarah: mark he is hero because he is my lifer he cool legant nice ciut loveable and he is funny and fun to go out on a date real date and meet the lads in my date with mark come with you plaese if I come in and meet you in the chat room is going to be cool
Mina: mark_feehily
Julie: Nicky because he is the cutiest boy i ever seen
Cheryl: mark cause he is sweet and lovely i love him now for 3 months