On The Road With Westlife - Greatest Hits Tour

Sunday Nov 10 - 10:30am, Dublin
Welcome to the first report from Westlife's two-day 'Greatest Hits' cross-country trek and it's an early start despite last night's party.
Red Box in Dublin - the same club where Westlife were introduced to the world three and a half years ago - was the venue for the album pre-release party.
Coming onstage to a spectacular fireworks display, the band played 'World Of Our Own', 'Swear It Again', 'Flying Without Wings', 'Coast To Coast', 'Tonight', and new single 'Unbreakable' before being whisked off to a private party.
Sunday's itinerary includes appearances in Dublin and Belfast. On Monday they fly to Edinburgh, Manchester and finally London. We'll be there every step of the way so stay tuned.

Sunday Nov 10 - 1.30 pm, Dublin
Westlife have kicked off their 36-hour round UK signing trip in Dublin and our roving reporter has been hot on their heels to bring us the latest pictures and gossip from the event.
Travelling in a private jet and a fleet of people-carriers on the ground, the 'Life arrived at Dublin's HMV greeted by an army of fans, many of whom had waited hours to see the band.
Amidst the entourage, an official from the Guinness Book Of Records is present as the group are attempting to break the record for 'Most Public Appearances By A Pop Band in 36 Hours'. Good luck lads.
As you can see from the pictures, Kian, Mark, Shane, Bryan and Nicky signed thousands of CDs and posed for photos with fans before heading off to the second stop on their hectic tour.

Westlife in Dublin

Sunday Nov 10 - 5pm, Belfast
The Westlife jet touched down at Belfast airport in bright sunshine earlier this afternoon as the lads readied themselves for their second stop off.
As you can see from our exclusive pictures, the band have certainly spared no expense on their mobile home of the next day or so.
You can see Kian plugged into his personal stereo and Mark getting to grips with the latest phone.
The guys refueled after touching down with a spot of late lunch and then headed straight for Belfast city centre and their second signing session of the day.
The scenes that greeted the band were even more chaotic than in Dublin with police called in to keep control.
Over 1,000 fans were turned away for fear of over-crowding but 3,000 lucky souls were in place by the time the band arrived and one girl had been waiting since yesterday in a wedding dress - she'd come to propose to Shane!

Westlife in Belfast

Monday Nov 11 - 7am Edinburgh
Westlife had it easy yesterday with only two stops of their 36-hour round UK trip. Today they're travelling the full length of the country taking in three cities on the way and arriving in the capital this evening.
On last night's short plane journey across the Irish Sea to Scotland, Nicky decided to take it upon himself to give the cabin crew a hand with the food and drinks.
Sadly for the passengers, he managed to spill more than he served. Bryan entertained himself and the rest of the party by commandeering the PA system.
Back on terra firma, it was an incredibly early 4.30am start for the band who tucked into a traditional Scottish breakfast with media guests before starting work on their third signing session.
Fans who'd been camping outside the hotel (and singing for most of the night) moved on to the local HMV store to join the two thousand plus fans who were waiting patiently for the 7am signing to start.
Celtic shirts, beer tankards and copies of the band's 'Greatest Hits' were the most popular items signed.

Westlife in Edinburgh

Monday Nov 11 - 1pm Manchester
It was Manchester's turn to welcome the Westlife convoy this lunchtime and it was the same story with fans laying siege to the signing venue.
Before they left Edinburgh, the band were presented with a cake to celebrate their eleventh No.1 yesterday with 'Unbreakable'.
Then it was back into the plane as they headed south towards Manchester and the penultimate stop.
While they put their feet up we grabbed a few minutes with the guys to find out how it was going now they were over halfway through.
"We're starting to feel pretty tired now," confessed Kian. "But it's been so great to see so many fans in every city, so they're keeping us going!"
Nicky continued: "To be honest, we didn't think anything could top the launch for Coast To Coast, but if anything this has been more fun - and we've at least had a couple of hours sleep this time!"
We'll be bringing you the final report later today from the London press conference plus tomorrow we'll bring you the gossip from the band's party which is held tonight at a secret London nightspot.

Westlife in Manchester

Monday Nov 11 - 6pm London
The band were presented with their certificate at the final stop on their travels in London where they gave a press conference and posed for pictures with the HMV mascot Nipper.
Once their work was done, the band headed off to a party in London's Knightsbridge where they spent the evening sipping champagne and celebrating their 11th No.1 single at the weekend.
Pop Idols and Popstars past and present made up the majority of the guestlist at the party including Gareth Gates, virtually all the Popstars: The Rivals contestants and judges Dr Fox and Nicky Chapman.
Westlife will be relaxing after completing their marathon signing tour and setting a new world record in the process.
Mark, Shane, Kian, Bryan and Nicky are now officially in the Guinness Book of Records for the 'Most Public Appearances By A Pop Band In 36 Hours'.

Westlife in London