Do songs make you happy, sad or even cry? Which song is your all time favourite?

Your fave song and reason:

Your Says

Katherine: It's really hard to choose a fave song. But my choice is Close Your Eyes. It's a moving ballad, and has a very strong vocal. If I miss them at the moment, I'll close my eyes and imagine I'm with them.
Linda: You don't know and tonight aslo What makes a man. These songs are touching my heart deeply
Lusia: You Make Me Feel cos Nicky sings lead and sounds beautiful
Sabrina: What makes a man, close your eyes, you make me feel, every little thing cause that I always think they are close to me
Rebecca: U make me feel because nicky is my idol and it is one of the only songs he sings lead vocals in and his voice is wonderful, the first time I heard the song it made me cry
Amy: Soledad. The melody is amazing and touching, and Shane sings very well
Soph: There all fab but my favs cant loose wat u never had coz it touches my heart and da vocals r very edgy and sexy
Christin: World Of Our Own, Tonight, Every Little Thing You Do, and Flying Without Wings because those 4 songs are really good and I just love 'em.
Anne: Love takes two, Unbreakable & When you're looking like that
Juna: Flying without wings,world of our own,i dont wanna fight,swear it again,reason for living nice lyrics
Jessie: Close your eyes and tonight they are touching my heart deeply.
Sarah: When Your Looking Like That because it's up tempo, and You Make Me Feel because Nicky sings lead. Yay!
Catherine: If i let you go and why do i love you and written in the stars are all perfect. they all make me happy and are sung so well!!!!
Angel: Soledad, tonight, love takes two and mandy
Alison: Flying Without Wings cos it really shows off their beautiful voices and imaginary diva cos its soo cool and Mark takes lead vocals! I also love What Do They Know cos its soo beautiful + romantic! aah! bless!
Jenny: my fave lifer is mark.. he's looking so good.. and he's so cute.. and i love his smile and voice..
Christina: no place that far is are very very good song
Renate: close your eyes, when a women loves a man, what makes a man
Claudia: All the songs are great but Miss u and singing forever are my favourites..
Katie: you make me feel(coz nicky sings lead vocals and his voice is soooo sexy) flying without wings(that goes wif out saying) written in the stars( i just think its a beautiful song i cried wen i heard them sing it live at the greatest hits tour last year)
Natz: Swear It Again
Katie: unbreakable-neautiful my private movie- funky
Julie: you dont know,soledad,fraigle heart & dreams come true ... why? because this songs r such a beautiful songs ever!!