Who's your fave 'lifer? Why do you love him?

Your fave 'lifer and reason:

Your Says

Katherine: My fave 'lifer is Nicky. He's the best looking guy that I've ever seen.
Corinna: My Fave Lifer is Nicky... he's looking soooo great and so beautiful Eyes and so sweet Lips... I love the Guy
Karen: Shane!!! Coz he's sooo cute, sexy, has a good voice and is so damn good looking!
Suzan: Mark!!! Coz he's cute, handsome, has a great voice:-)
Linda: It's mark. Cuz he's so talanted in what he's doing, and so goodlooking, and charming and very kind and not that shy at all really
Sanne: Nicky becos he's perfect :D His voice, his good look, style, hair, personality! And yea i could go on..!
Lusia: Nicky becoz he's my inspiration for everything
Nicky lover 4-life: NICKY because he's so cute
Bex: Nicky because he is gorge, his voice gets me emotional and he made my dream come true by winking at me at a concert
Amy: Definitely Nicky. Words cannot express how much I love him
Sylvia: Definately Mark cause he is so cute, charming, talented, seem like a really nice guy
Hiba: Kian! He's perfect !!!!!
Karin: Nicky
Soph: I luv all da lads especially shane his eyes and smile r luvly and his voice is soo sweet
Christin: My Fave 'lifer is Mark. He is so cute and he has such a beautiful voice.
Sian: NICKY cuz he is sooooo georgeous
Anne: Baby KIANS my perfect loifer hes so hot n dreamy and everything he does is so perfecttt.
Mrs. Feehily: My fave lifer is my husband MARK FEEHILY ! He's the best, i love him so much or would you marry a man, if you wouldn't love him?!
Juna: Mark coz hes voice is so nice n his looks
Laura: Shane, because he has the most amazing voice in the band and I think he's the most gorgeous one! Just look at those eyes! :)
Dorota: My fave is Kian... But I don't know why!
Sintija: Mark, because he is sooooo cute ;)
Sarah: Nicky! He is so good looling and he has gorgeous eyes.
Marloes: My fave 'lifer is shane. He's so cute and really sexy. And he's got a beautiful voice.
Mikaela: Mark
He is sooo hot, has the best ever voice and to be my future husband
Keavey: Do u need to ask mark of course cuse of his lovely eyes ,his personality and the way he sings ;)
Dubhie Astrid: NICKY- because he's just perfect and i feel he is my love life!!
Valeria: Actually Shane, coz he is the man of my dreams! I love him so much!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Nicky!!!!!
Heidi: I like all of Westlife, but Shane is my definite favourite member, because of his everything. I value everything of the other lads as well, but Shane has come to be my fave 'Lifer. :)
Angel: Shane casue he has the perfect face and the voice i just love about him, his cute and romantic :)
Jessie: Mark.I love his smile and his eyes
Sophie: My fave lifer is nicky because he is fcuking gorgeous! ppl how can u like shane, bryan, mark or kian wen u can pick nicky!
Melissa: I like Bryan the most because he is so cute, sexy and SO funny:D
Jasmin: My fav 'lifer is Bryan,but he's very funny.
Charaze: my fave is Nicky coz i think he has the most wonderful eyes and i think he's the most famous lifer.
Kim: Mark...b/c he has the finest ass in this universe!!!...haha...no b/c when you look at him he reminds you of a angel and it makes you feel all fuzzy inside.
Jenny: SSHHHAAAANEEEEE!!!!!!! He is so damn handsome, ciute manly, sexy and gorgeous and he has a strong and protective look! I just luv him!
Sarah: i love Shane so much he is so fit!!!!!
Julie: my fave lifer is mark.. he's looking so good.. and he's so cute.. and i love his smile and voice..
Christina: my fave is mark because he is my angel and he is good looking
Chantal: my fave lifer is mark. he's the best singer of the band together with shane and he's looking great i love him
Sarah: My fave westlifer is Shane he is absolutly gorgeous and so r the others. WESTLIFE 4EVA
Amy Hughes: my fav lifer is nicky. he is the most gorge person in the WORLD! and ur mad not 2 think he is gorgeous!!gina is sooooo lucky. nicky has a gr8 voice. he is just perfect!!!!! (",)
Mel: mark, deffo, and i dont need a reason!! do i?? too many!
Constanza: kian(also mark the 2 of them) cos kian is so cute i don't actually know why but i love hem and mark has the best voice that i've ever heard
Renate: shane.... cos he has an amazing voice and he's so f*cking sexy
Jessie: mark. He is so sexy. And sings really great
Ida: nicky is my fave's lifer cause he's sooo sexy and so cute and handsome and he's got the most fantastic voice i've ever heard!!!
Reyvina: Mark!!!!! his blue eyes, his voice, and of course really cute
Sammy Feehily: Mark, Cause He's hot with he's lovely eyes and the way he always smiling
Sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!
Claudia: Nicky, 'cause he's soo cute!
Laurz: KIAN AND NICKY AND MARK!! AHHHHHH they are sooooo gorgeous lol
Mel: mark, coz hes really sexy and has an amazing voice
Zeers: Nicky! he is so damn gorgeous!
Katie: nicky- great looks, great voice, great dress sense, romantic .. i could go on
Ann: Kian of course he is so gorgeous
Natz: Shane
Debbie: my fave lifer is Mark because he is very good looking, and as a brilliant voice i love the way he sings. all of westlife are great singers but i love Mark
Katie: Nicky, cos hes gorge
Julie: Nicky ofcourse...who else? no one because nicky above all!!
Karina: Shane or Nicky...`coz they are the most amazing guys in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheryl: mark cause his personality