Westlife duet have duets with some singers in the past, like Mariah Carey and Lulu. Any ideas for who should Westlife have a duet with next time?

Who should Westlife have a duet with?

Your Says

Katherine: Definitely Ronan Keating! They've known each others for many years but they've never had a formal duet.
Amy: Coco Lee, or Gareth Gates
Gerard: Stephen Gately(Boyzone)or Thicke.
Donna Smith: Westlife should duet wuth either Ronan Keating or Sinead Quinn
Anne: How about the gorgeous Delta Goodrem shall be great with the guys or Blu Cantrell or even Girls Aloud that will be fun to do also.
Mrs. Feehily: They should have a duett with Ronan Keating or with Alexander from DSDS (The winner of the Pop Idol in Germany).
Lil: wot r ye all talkin bout?!! they should sing wiv me ofcourse!! lmao!!! I'd like that yeah! oh and I'd also like to @#$%%$ wiv them plz! (ye know what I'm sayin!)
Heidi: They should do a duet with Celine Dion or Shania Twain
Charaze: probably... Billyl Gillman. the child is young but has a wonderful voice. i think his official site is billygillman.com...
Sinead: i think they should duet with linol richie cuz he is different
Nixter: I think they should have a duet with Daniel Bedingfield...
Bea: Shane should do a duet with me...and I don't mean singing!!! :oP
Ida: charlie from busted
Laurz: ME!!! Lol! Oh and maybe Christina Aguilera?
Katie: ronan keating
Julie: blue or backstreet boys