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29 Sep 2004 >> Brian: 'I'm getting on with life on my own' 29 Sep 2004 >> Brian: 'I'm getting on with life on my own'

Brian McFadden has spoken for the first time about his split with wife Kerry McFadden, saying he doesn't know if they'll ever get back together.

The former Westlife star blamed the separation on the pair・s workload; he has been flat-out promoting his new single, which ironically is about the joys of family life, while ex-Atomic Kitten singer Kerry has been working on a new film.

The father of two told The Sun: :It has been a very tough time. I don・t know if we・ll be able to sort things out. That・s for me and Kerry to discuss.

:She is okay, I think V it is difficult for both of us. Work has put a lot of pressure on us. But at the moment we are both just concentrating on making sure our kids are okay.

:I am just getting on with life on my own, moving on with my life and taking care of our kids.

:I should be the happiest man in the world having had a No1 single, but now I just want to have a rest. I am worn out. I have been working ridiculous hours V flying here, there and everywhere.

:When they told me I・d got No1 earlier this month I was delighted, but then I only wanted to lie down and go to sleep.;

Kerry・s career was kick-started when she was crowned Queen of the jungle on I・m A Celebrity earlier this year. But the couple had hoped to spend more time with each other and their two daughters, Molly, three and 18-month-old Lily Sue when Brian, 24, quit boyband Westlife to pursue a solo career.

Unfortunately his success had the opposite effect and meant he was away in Europe promoting the song while 24-year-old Kerry was left at their mansion in Ireland.

It is now thought the family home will be sold as Kerry is buying a house near her mum in Cheshire.

Brian continued: :Whatever happens in the future, who knows? It・s a very, very difficult time. But life is tough and sometimes you just have to accept it. I always feel like I have two different lives V one is my work life and the other is my home life. Sometimes one is up while the other is down and vice-versa.

:I am telling myself: .It・s not the end of the world.・ Of course it is tough, but I must remember people have been through worse and life is very short.;

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