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28 Sep 2004 >> WEST STRIFE 28 Sep 2004 >> WEST STRIFE

Drunk Kian tries to bash BB's Brian at celeb party

TELLY presenter Brian Dowling was left reeling after a drunk Kian Egan tried to hit him and branded him a "bitch" at a packed celebrity ceremony.

The Westlife singer went wild when the ex-SM:TV star breezed up to him and asked how he was doing.

Big Brother winner Brian recently said in an interview that the rudest celeb he'd ever met was Kian's current squeeze - Hollyoaks babe Jodi Albert - and the singer was not happy.

A guest at the ITV1 Celebrity Awards on Sunday night told 3am: "Brian has interviewed Westlife lots of times on SM:TV so he went up to say 'hi' to Kian at the party.

"Kian went crazy. He shouted at Brian: 'You have some nerve saying hello to me after what you said about Jodi. You slagged off my girlfriend you bitch'."

Brian, 26, tried to calm Kian down, stammering that he hadn't meant it.

But the 24-year-old, who had performed Westlife's fantastic new single Smile at the do on London's South Bank, wasn't going let it go. Our source said: "Kian had clearly had a drink or two and was swearing away at Brian. Bri was mortified."

Eventually Jodi, 21, broke up the boys.

Our spy revealed: "She told Brian that it wasn't a big deal and that he shouldn't worry about it.

"But Kian was fuming and said he wanted to hit Brian. Jodi ordered him to go away as she wanted to talk sensibly to Brian.

"She had to tell him to go several times. Brian was gobsmacked - the last thing he meant was to fall out over it.

"He told Jodi he thought she had been rude the day he interviewed her. She was cool about it and said that there were no hard feelings."

The pair kissed and made up but Kian was still sulking. Our mole continued: "It was very embarrassing as Kian kept kicking off in front of the other stars. He was shouting: 'You make up with my girlfriend'."

Well done for sticking up for your girl, Kian, we think Brian got the idea.

Source: The Mirror

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