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27 Sep 2004 >> Brian and Kerry to split? 27 Sep 2004 >> Brian and Kerry to split?

There have been stories in the papers that Brian and Kerry McFadden have split up.

Radio 1 has spoken to their PR agent, Max Clifford, who told us things aren't good at all. Brian flew in from Scandinavia at the weekend and looked after the kids, they're now with Kerry in Warrington. Max says it's a critical time for them:

"The situation basically is there are real problems in the marriage. At the moment they're not communicating."

"Although both of them are still very much in love with each other, there are real problems"

"They've not been communicating for the last few days."

Kerry and Brian got married in 2001 and have two children Molly, three and Lily-Sue who's 18 months.

When Brian left Westlife they thought they'd have more time together but his solo career's really taken off and she's been working on a film.

Radio 1 asked Max if the reports Brian's fling with a lap dancer on his stag night had anything to do with their troubles:

"That's not true, obviously it caused problems. It hasn't helped the situation."

"The main problem has simply been the fact that they just don't have any quality time together."

"No-one else is involved, I think the biggest problem has been the lack of time they've been able to spend together."

"Things aren't looking good right now and I'm not optimistic."

Source: BBC Radio 1

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