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1 Sep 2004 >> Download Chart News
TODAY is massive in UK music, a day that will go down in recording history.

No, it”¦s not the anniversary of ELVIS”¦s death, the day NIRVANA released Smells Like Teen Spirit and the CHEEKY GIRLS haven”¦t been told to head back to Romania.

September 1 marks the release of the first Official Download Chart ”X and it sounds the death knell of the Top 40.

From tonight this new chart will collate all the tracks downloaded on to PCs from the big three legal online sites ”X Napster, Apple iStore and OD2.

The rules for the download chart are a little different to the official Top 40 singles chart put out by Radio 1 every Sunday.

Any track ever recorded is eligible, it doesn”¦t have to have been released the previous week. So an obscure song by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN could as easily get top spot as a new single by BRIAN McFADDEN.

Even so, it is Brian”¦s old band WESTLIFE who look like getting the first No1, with a re-release of Flying Without Wings.

MUSE, THE STREETS and BLAZIN”¦ SQUAD are in the running too.

Pundits reckon downloaded music will mean the end of record shops in a few years. I”¦ll bring you the new chart tomorrow.

Source: The Sun

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