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Aug 31, 2004 >> Brian Throws Molly's 3rd Party
The new-and-improved Brian McFadden has shown that not only has his exit from Westlife improved his looks and body but also his relationship with his beautiful daughters...
After Brian McFadden left Westlife stating he wanted to spend more time with his young family and then launched himself as a solo act many people criticized the apparent contradiction.
But Brian showed on Saturday that he is now fully in control of his time as he attended the 3rd Birthday for his daughter Molly in Funtasia in Bettystown.
Both Brian and Kerry beamed with happiness as Molly and Lily-Sue played with the children of other celebrities such as Ronan Keating and Liam Cunningham in the kid's fun park.
Kerry has become great mates with Liam since she started filming the movie Showbands in Galway with the actor.
Brian's parents and sister Susan attended the party as did Kerry's mother Sue Katona.
Happy Birthday Molly!


Note from the news editor: There are some piccies at that websites, but I've seen more pictures somewhere else - will try to find the link and then post it here.

Aug 31, 2004 >> Happy birthday, Molly!
Today, August 31, is a special day for a little, cute Irish girl. Molly McFadden, eldest daughter of former Westlife-star Brian McFadden and his wife Kerry, tuns 3. Her birthday party was thrown on Saturday in an amusement park called Funtasia in Dublin, Ireland.
Congratulations and happy birthday, sweetheart!
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28 Aug 2004 >>Chart recognition for download generation
The new download music chart will launch on Wednesday and the number one slot could surprise.
Today US band Maroon 5 will rival Natasha Bedingfield to top the Top 40 chart, but the new download chart could have month-old music such as Outkast or even the late, great Jeff Buckley at number one.

A Westlife single that will never be released as a physical CD could also take the online top spot on Wednesday night. (Read More ...)

27 Aug 2004 >> Boy band seek girl
WITH stars in their eyes and their snazziest high heels on, hundreds of pop star hopefuls auditioned for the chance to sing with Westlife.

True to their pop roots, the well-groomed boy band formed a judging panel as would-be pop divas to strutted their stuff at the Marriott Hotel at County Hall on Tuesday. (Read More ...)

25 Aug 2004 >> Better Life with no Brian
WESTLIFE are much happier since BRIAN McFADDEN left.

The lads reckon his heart had gone out of the band and they are better than ever as a foursome.

NICKY BYRNE said: :We are stronger than ever. Brian was just going through the motions and you can・t go on like that.

:He didn・t want to be in Westlife and we wanted him to go. He now looks physically better and as a foursome we・re better than ever.;

SHANE FILAN insists there are no hard feelings. He said: :He・s still one of our best mates. We phone him up for a chat.

:I think his music is really good. We wish him the best of luck.;

The boys also insist their next album, which will have a Rat Pack theme, won・t be their last.

MARK FEEHILY said: :We will keep going until we are not having fun X and right now we are having a great time.

Source: The Sun

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