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17 Dec 2004 >> Kian scotches Jodi rumours 17 Dec 2004 >> Kian scotches Jodi rumours

Westlife's Kian Egan has denied reports that his actress girlfriend is quitting Hollyoaks to set up home with him in Dublin.

According to Kian, Jodi Albert is leaving the teen soap to further her career and her decision to say goodbye to her character Debbie Dean has nothing to do with him.

"I don't live in Dublin for a start," he laughs.

"And she's not the kind of girl to leave a job to be with a fella - she's leaving to further her career."

But he doesn't rule out the chances of a long-term future together.

"We're not thinking about marriage at all," he adds. "I mean, it could be on the cards, but not for a long, long time."

Jodi and Kian were in Dublin yesterday to launch this year's Cheerios Childline Concert on January 30, 2005.

Source: Belfast Telegrah

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