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30 Nov 2004 >> The Price is right
If you've been poo-pooing Jordan's plans to join future hubby Peter Andre in a singing career, you're about to eat your words. Westlife think she's fab.

The zeppelin-chested clothes-off pouter performed a song on the Irish boys' ITV Christmas special and was apparently note perfect.

The boys were reportedly none too keen to have the headline-grabbing acorn-lover on their show, but boss Simon Cowell muscled in and made sure she did her rendition of When I fall In Love.

According to insiders on the She's The One show, Miss Price pulled off the Nat King Cole classic with true style and impressed the shining Irish eyes of Westlife.

Without taking her top off or nuthin!

Source: MegaStar

27 Nov 2004 >> Busted stars slam Westlife and Walsh
Busted stars Charlie Simpson and Matt Jay have blasted Westlife and their manager Louis Walsh.

Pop punk trio Busted, completed by James Bourne, admit they passionately despise their boyband rivals.

Simpson says: "I wouldn't waste my money on them. My granny once gave me a Westlife calendar for Christmas when I was 15. I felt like saying: 'What the hell is this?!'"

Bandmate Matt Jay adds: "I hate Westlife. And their manager, Louis Walsh. Don't get me started on that stupid little man."

Source: IOL

26 Nov 2004 >> Westlife Band Aid anger
BOY band Westlife have taken an angry swipe at Band Aid 20 after being snubbed for the chance to sing on the charity single.

The lads ˇX Shane Filan, 25, Kian Egan, 24, Mark Feehily, 24, and Nicky Byrne, 26 ˇX were asked by a radio presenter why they werenˇ¦t on the new version of Do They Know Itˇ¦s Christmas.

Kian replied: ˇ§We would have loved to have done Band Aid. But first of all, we werenˇ¦t asked. Secondly, we werenˇ¦t asked.ˇ¨ (Read More ...)

24 Nov 2004 >> Westlife slips into town for exclusive gig
BOYBAND sensations Westlife swung into town to play a string of hits to their biggest fans.

Kian, Shane, Mark and Nicky belted out some of their top tunes, which include Flying Without Wings and Swear it Again, to a cosy crowd of just 150 fans at the Highgrove Hotel on Saturday.

The Irish lads also performed tracks from their new album, Allow us to be Frank, a collection of their favourite hits from the Rat Pack era. (Read More ...)

24 Nov 2004 >> Westlife to sing Band Aid 20 song at last
Having been denied the chance to take part in the Band Aid 20 record Do They Know It's Christmas? by Bob Geldof, Westlife have now been invited to perform it live.

Along with fellow Irishman Ronan Keating, the group were none too pleased when they were not given the chance to participate in the Band Aid single to raise money for refugees in Sudan's Darfur region.

After criticising Geldof for their exclusion from the star-studded affair, Femalefirst reports that Westlife have now been invited to perform the song live at Wembley Arena for a charity Popworld gig on December 2nd.

The single, on which they are not included, is available for download now and is in stores from Monday (29th November).

Source: Digital Spy

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