Birth Flower: Herb-Robert
Meaning: Pulsation
Anyone who is blessed by this flower is an idealist. Nomatter how terrible the real life is, they desperately pursue for their dreams. While they are in love, they can also express that character, and seek for their ideal relationships with their true loves.

Birth Flower: Garden Iris
Meaning: Advice
Anyone who is blessed by this flower is with inborn intellect. They are reliable on discussion with their friends. But to themselves, they are lack of self decision. If love relationships are involved, they cannot be intellectual anymore. They are too emotional and cannot calm themselves down, just like playing a love game.

Birth Flower: Austrian Briar Rose
Meaning: Origin
Anyone who is blessed by this flower has characteristics of a mother. They are gentle, thoughtful, and generous. Of course, they are loved and depended on by many people of the opposite sex. They are also very suitable for marriage because they take good care of their families.

Birth Flower: Saffron Milk Cap Mushroom
Meaning: Savoriness
Anyone who is blessed by this flower is suitable for long-term relationships. More understanding, more discovering of their good personalities. This relationship is the same as eating cane, so any of the opposite sex who do not have good impression on them at the start would because of their unique attractiveness and the intellect on humanitarianism, gradually fall in love with them!