Here is some of my information:

Name: Katherine
DOB: 11 Oct 1986
Msn Msg:
ICQ: #92360465
Fave Westlifer: Nicky Byrne
Fave songs (Westlife):
1st album
- Fool Again
- Seasons In The Sun
- I Miss You
- Try Again
2nd album
- Close Your Eyes
- You Make Me Feel
- Every Little Thing You Do
3rd album
- Why Do I Love You
- Evergreen
- If Your Heart's Not In It
- Don't Let Me Go
4th album
- Written In The Stars
5th album
- Heal
- Obvious
- I Did It For You
- Lost In You
6th album
- Let There Be Love
- When I Fall In Love
Fave songs (Others):
a1 - Like A Rose
Mandy Moore - Cry
and some Chinese songs by Jay Chou
Fave artists: Westlife (of course), Ben Adams, Jay Chou
Fave actors: Orlando Bloom, Josh Hartnett, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
Fave movies: Moulin Rouge, Pearl Harbor
Fave book: A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks

My personal site: Perfect Creation